35 – Women’s March 2k19 & Bumble F*ckbois

I personally don’t think the Women’s Marches are very intersectional. To me they seem like a big show of white feminism. But that’s just my opinion. Apologies for the delay. Work is wild! Make sure to follow on instagram @achinglypolite & @myartfulnudes. @FranciscoYost13 is also a great place to spread the love. ©2019 Clementine YostFebruary 1, 2019 13:30  PST

Episode 21 – White feminism, Dissociation & Genital swears

Tune in to hear me go IN on White feminism, get a lil breakdown on Dissociation & finish up with a brief chat on Genital swears. Fuckboys continue to be on bumble. The patriarchy is practically asking to be smashed. LET’S GO! Rate five stars and leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher, Google play &…