Different creatures, you and I

We are different creatures, you and I. We laugh at different jokes and cry at different times. While we look alike, we’ll never be the same. Let us each go our own way and tread two separate paths. What is for you is lovely, but it mightn’t be for me. Happiness for all of us,…

Sundays are for self care

I call this the Don’t Make Me Leave My House or Put On Pants mask™ ® Are you ever in the mood for a mask, but don’t want to leave your house? That’s me! A nice mask sounded like the perfect Sunday hangover detox, yet I’m all out of my Lush masks (shout out to catastrophe cosmetic)….

Vegan feast

Nothing soothes my anxiety quite like four hours in my kitchen spent preparing a vegan feast. feat. blurry friends & high res food.   by Clementine Yost ©