Why do we fear – Sexuality?

Why do we fear Sexuality ? Or perhaps the question really is, why do we fear female sexuality? Back in 2015, almost a year out of an abusive relationship, I finally had time to reflect on how I was able to make it through. Fashion. I know that sounds trite, but with every day like a…

Podcast Awards 2018

Hello lovely humans of the internet! Please vote for Achingly Polite in the 2018 Podcast Awards! We are in the Health category. I know I know, on iTunes, Achingly Polite is in the sexuality category but alas for the Podcast Awards, we are a HEALTH podcast. Please click here to vote! This is the link (https://www.podcastawards.com)….


sometimes all I can feel is my own clitoris even then at least I can say that I’m cliterate. by Clementine Yost ©