Hyperbole a marker of the mentally ill or so I once read Where is my light? Reptilian warmed from without Always, only once forever Alone, happy never Flushed with shamed heat pink as it rises I hide The soft bristles of my life hardened the acrylic trap So keen to add color desperate for…


sometimes all I can feel is my own clitoris even then at least I can say that I’m cliterate. by Clementine Yost ©

As the calathea

Much deeper than fat and hatred of skin It is loathing of the whole self And so in love and ink I reclaim That which should, but never truly felt as though it were Mine Always one step away just out of my grasp For what is the distance between a trot and a canter…

Starting small, with only known things

for Imogen   Before the polished sand of her mirror Freckled and pale Limbs and moles as she remembered   Temptation in dismantling her self a specimen for dissection A tally of flaws   How radical would it be to love instead? Were that even allowed Unsure, starting small with only known things Affirming feeling…


Just a lil #haiku to commemorate my #edrecovery from anorexia and bulimia. To anyone struggling and suffering, know that I feel your pain. I know it’s harder than “just saying no”. The oft prescribed notion to “just love your body” is a far greater hurdle to surmount than many realize. It is much deeper than…

These Sunday blues

  Earth and existence fenced by headboard and footboard Queenly yet contained she sprawls soft sheets carving grooves like sequoia lifelines A web her breast marked by sleep Printed Dampened cloth like quitting, manifest clings to her back in veiled despair A chrysalis Stuck between self care and self hate hips in horizontal sway with…


Remember, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, bouts of intense body dysmorphia, it’s all ephemeral. unwanted visitors. fleet away. the only truly perennial presence in my life is the fluffy periwinkle of my trusted friend, the echium. by Clementine Yost ©

Mental Health Month

Dear humans who read this, Please care for yourselves this month (and always) ♥️ Remember that #selfcare doesn’t have to be yoga or meditation or hiking or reading or solitude or socializing or whatever you’ve had proscribed. Do what brings your brain peace and comfort. For me, this means minding my plants, writing poems, recording…


#selfcare is whatever makes you happy! Fill your Femi-nest with all the shenanigans that soothe your mental health 🌈   by Clementine Yost ©

Cats & running

I #beatanxiety with cats & running 🌈 How are you prioritizing your mental health right meow? by Clementine Yost ©