31 – Workplace sexual harassment & Tumblr porn

I tell a woman’s story of being sexually harassed at her job and how she doesn’t owe her harasser anything – let alone her time.  Tumblr is deleting all NSFW content from its platform. Bye bye ethically made porn that’s not just for the male gaze. *sigh* Make sure to follow on instagram @achinglypolite &…

Episode 11 – Hysteria, Loneliness & Period Sex

Tune in to Episode 11 of Achingly Polite for a scintillating chat about Hysteria, Loneliness & Period sex. You can find Achingly Polite on iTunes, Android, Google Play and wherever else you get your podcasts! Subscribe subscribe subscribe! Rate 5 stars and leave a review! Download JuiceBox on iOS with the code POLITE for your first…

Podcast Awards 2018

Hello lovely humans of the internet! Please vote for Achingly Polite in the 2018 Podcast Awards! We are in the Health category. I know I know, on iTunes, Achingly Polite is in the sexuality category but alas for the Podcast Awards, we are a HEALTH podcast. Please click here to vote! This is the link (https://www.podcastawards.com)….

Happy Pride Month! A coming out story

I came out as bisexual in May 2015 while campaigning for Marriage Equality in the run up to the Marriage Equality Referendum in Ireland. I canvassed across Dublin in areas as different socioeconomically as you could get. And yet, the majority all agreed it was time to let Love be Love. Since then I have…


sometimes all I can feel is my own clitoris even then at least I can say that I’m cliterate. by Clementine Yost ©