Episode 26 – Natural disasters & the Woolsey fire

Hello lovely listeners! This episode is different because I am in my friend’s flat today. Why? The Woolsey Fire. Everything is on fire. My home is near the fire and we were told to prepare to evacuate. Not helped by the Santa Ana winds. Anyways, the acoustics in my friend’s flat are much different than…

Try not to weigh yourself

I’ve always heard friends and colleagues say “I never weigh myself” and thought, “I could never not do that.” (I know, a double negative. But I was and am doubly negative about my body and my self). I thought, “I need to know my weight”. But these past two weeks in London, I haven’t weighed…

Episode 25 – Are millennials having less sex?

On episode 25, I answer the fabled question: are millennials having ~LeSs~ sex? Yes. But why? Tune the heck in to find out. Make sure to follow on instagram @achinglypolite. Follow @candyken69 and @pickledragqueen. If you’re feeling generous, get involved with my Patreon page. I love you all already! xx   Show Notes https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/59p3vz/are-millennials-having-sex-an-investigation https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/05/06/why-millennials-have-sex-with-fewer-partners-than-their-parents-did/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.0da026e78326…

Episode 21 – White feminism, Dissociation & Genital swears

Tune in to hear me go IN on White feminism, get a lil breakdown on Dissociation & finish up with a brief chat on Genital swears. Fuckboys continue to be on bumble. The patriarchy is practically asking to be smashed. LET’S GO! Rate five stars and leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher, Google play &…

Clems of the week

Clems of the week by me @achinglypolite ©2018 Clementine Yost October 2, 2018 13:25  PST

Plants & Pussy

Plants & pussy by me ©2018 Clementine Yost October 2, 2018 13:45  PST

Feminist heroes

Feminist heroes by me ©2018 Clementine Yost October 2, 2018 13:44  PST