Vegan feast

Nothing soothes my anxiety quite like four hours in my kitchen spent preparing a vegan feast. feat. blurry friends & high res food.   by Clementine Yost ©


Remember, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, bouts of intense body dysmorphia, it’s all ephemeral. unwanted visitors. fleet away. the only truly perennial presence in my life is the fluffy periwinkle of my trusted friend, the echium. by Clementine Yost ©

Mental Health Month

Dear humans who read this, Please care for yourselves this month (and always) ♥️ Remember that #selfcare doesn’t have to be yoga or meditation or hiking or reading or solitude or socializing or whatever you’ve had proscribed. Do what brings your brain peace and comfort. For me, this means minding my plants, writing poems, recording…


#selfcare is whatever makes you happy! Fill your Femi-nest with all the shenanigans that soothe your mental health 🌈   by Clementine Yost ©

Cats & running

I #beatanxiety with cats & running 🌈 How are you prioritizing your mental health right meow? by Clementine Yost ©

Folded into a crane

My intrusive thoughts of yesterday, folded into a crane to fly away. by Clementine Yost © 4/28/18


Isn’t it interesting the bulimic’s almost defensive insistence That no actually, I’m quite anorexic How even within disordered eating There is a ranking. Where hunger is good and bones are king. Hollowed And then from weakness eat I binge I purge Ashamed of the latter two I just want you to know I starve.  …

Friendless fear

Nobody likes me. And so a panic attack is drummed up from this insistent worry, enveloped in fear, that I have no friends. I make lists. These names of every person I consider a friend. Categorized in outlines, all my life’s connections stack like a tiered cake frosted in gaslit fear. With years of collegiate practice, my…

Seven hundred and three

On days like today when i’m feeling especially low, my prozac like seven hundred and three teeny drones, struggles with the weight of a sodden wool blanket. Exhausted and smelling of wet sheep, everything tingles from the edge like steam evaporating from tea. it is almost easier to picture feeling than to actually feel.   by…