Just a lil #haiku to commemorate my #edrecovery from anorexia and bulimia. To anyone struggling and suffering, know that I feel your pain. I know it’s harder than “just saying no”. The oft prescribed notion to “just love your body” is a far greater hurdle to surmount than many realize. It is much deeper than…

Spotty girls & no boobs

If you like content with spotty girls & no boobs, then THIS is the podcast account for you! I can guarantee we operate on a 100% all spots and no boobs policy! UR WELCOME!   All joking aside, I would normally never ever post a photo of my chest from the side because I’ve always…

These Sunday blues

  Earth and existence fenced by headboard and footboard Queenly yet contained she sprawls soft sheets carving grooves like sequoia lifelines A web her breast marked by sleep Printed Dampened cloth like quitting, manifest clings to her back in veiled despair A chrysalis Stuck between self care and self hate hips in horizontal sway with…

Vegan feast

Nothing soothes my anxiety quite like four hours in my kitchen spent preparing a vegan feast. feat. blurry friends & high res food.   by Clementine Yost ©


Remember, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, bouts of intense body dysmorphia, it’s all ephemeral. unwanted visitors. fleet away. the only truly perennial presence in my life is the fluffy periwinkle of my trusted friend, the echium. by Clementine Yost ©


A friendly reminder to #freethenipple (if you want). We’re making progress, but female secondary sex characteristics (boobs) are still hyper-sexualized. This is especially true with their visibility often being conflated with consent. Another common conflation is the size of one’s breasts with “easiness” or desire for attention. Big boobs mean nothing more than having more…

for Sophia

Our goodbye hinged on time. You said you didn’t want to waste mine.   Wasted and confused Drunk from anger, not wine I can’t seem to fathom Why –   You were so effusive Beauty intellect mine.   You cared Or so you said – So you seemed   Why   Were you so effusive?…

Mental Health Month

Dear humans who read this, Please care for yourselves this month (and always) ♥️ Remember that #selfcare doesn’t have to be yoga or meditation or hiking or reading or solitude or socializing or whatever you’ve had proscribed. Do what brings your brain peace and comfort. For me, this means minding my plants, writing poems, recording…


#selfcare is whatever makes you happy! Fill your Femi-nest with all the shenanigans that soothe your mental health 🌈   by Clementine Yost ©

Cats & running

I #beatanxiety with cats & running 🌈 How are you prioritizing your mental health right meow? by Clementine Yost ©