Try not to weigh yourself


I’ve always heard friends and colleagues say “I never weigh myself” and thought, “I could never not do that.” (I know, a double negative. But I was and am doubly negative about my body and my self). I thought, “I need to know my weight”. But these past two weeks in London, I haven’t weighed myself at all and to be honest, I’ve been happier in my body than ever before. Until this morning. When I stepped on to my friend’s sister’s scale and learned I’ve gained 6lbs in 13 days… now I’m fighting against the thought trap of all or nothing thinking. The belief that I am either ~fat~ or ~thin~. Not only is this extremely problematic because I am straight-sized, but it also shows the extent to which the claws of eating disorder are still thoroughly embedded in my life. Weight is not a measure of worth. I say now what people have said to me my entire life, yet I never believed – until now.

Weight is just a number!

Be free!

And, if you can manage it, be kind to yourself.


©2018 Clementine Yost
November 05, 2018 11:11  BST

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