Episode 14 – Toxic masculinity, Thought traps & Penetration


Tune in to Episode 14 of Achingly Polite for some Toxic masculinity, Thought traps & Penetration!

BIG NEWS!! Achingly Polite is now available on Stitcher!!! My bra burning rants are ready for your listening pleasure on iTunes, Google play, Stitcher & this here website. Please rate 5 stars and leave a review.

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Thank you to Campbell (@campbell_writes) for submitting this week’s A Reading From The Fuckboys On Bumble. Keep sending to achinglypolite@gmail.com or slide into my DMs @achinglypolite on Instagram.

Check your privilege.

Love you all already! Byeee!


©2018 Clementine Yost
August 20, 2018 00:00 PST

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