A poem for my faraway friends


Faraway friends

I love you so

The lists

where trusted hand

spills truth through ink

a firm rebuttle

to the intrusive thought

that nobody likes me

for you


Not to sound trite

the millennial

in her pink

thanks god for social media

at once an unfair glimpse into

the best angles of

the world’s most beautiful

Yet also

a lifeline

across oceans

your support spanning continents

Perched atop the lists

the sad demarcation

of your cities





New York


All a blessed tiling of geography made mute

by the cat gifs and Instagram foxes

her joyful squeal heard

time zones apart

by calathea in their pinstripe suits

So many memes

our bitmoji dance in ways I wish

was possible for us.

This world away

so vast

is what you mean to me

faraway friends.


©2018 Clementine Yost

June 5, 2018


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