How radical would it be?


How radical would it be

If we were all free

Women to walk alone

Without fear of follow

grabbing, whistling

Why don’t you smile


Where breast size isn’t assumed sexual invitation

Those able to reproduce graduated

from chattled brood mare to human of equal worth

Where the skittled pockets of black and brown babies

Bundled in hoods

Are safe

The only guns drawn are the toys in their hands

Lives not stolen during play

Their father’s breathe

Their mothers and sisters,

Not just their cis-ters

Valued in life

Without entitlement

Life could spring forth of equal valuation

And death of those not white enough for rights

Might actually survive the systematic sweep

From mother liberty

Under patriarchy’s rug

For we mustn’t be so foolish as to assume housework fell anywhere outside the brown woman’s sphere

If place were not assumed

Wouldn’t it be radical

Without appropriation

Assumption preconceived

Wouldn’t it be radical

by Clementine Yost ©

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