Mental Health Month

Dear humans who read this,

Please care for yourselves this month (and always) ♥️

Remember that #selfcare doesn’t have to be yoga or meditation or hiking or reading or solitude or socializing or whatever you’ve had proscribed. Do what brings your brain peace and comfort. For me, this means minding my plants, writing poems, recording podcast episodes, memorizing other people’s poetry, origami, eating açaí bowls, and making copious amounts of lists. #loveagoodlist. True #innerpeace is truly impossible but brining quiet to the nagging little voices is achievable in many ways. Find what works for you and feel no shame in whatever it is. Some days I just want to sit outside and do nothing but memorize Emily Dickinson poems because it palliates by OCD. And that’s ok! Some days I want to channel my inner male expression and wear whatever the fuck I want and go to my local grocery store feeling handsome. This is also ok!🌈 #loveyourself this #mentalhealthmonth by being honest with yourself about what brings you joy and indulge in it! ♥


by Clementine Yost ©

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Good for you! You just do whatever makes you feel better! Katie


    1. Clementine. says:

      Thank you!!


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